MARIE MAS is a luxurious new brand in which expert craftsmanship meets innovation to create the most incredible jewelry pieces. Her pieces are very refined and meticulously thought. MARIE MAS’ strength is to develop new patented techniques which become part of the brand identity. Each piece goes through the hands of tenths of craftman, jewelry makers, lapidaries, each of them specialized in one very special field : selecting the best quality stones, stone cutting, 3D drawings, prototyping, moulding, casting, polishing, setting, finishing…

During a trip to India, Marie fell in love with Indian traditions Jewelry knowledge and culture, and decided to develop and produce her collections there in Bombay.

Our STONES come from the city of Jaipur, in India. Jaipur has one of the biggest lapidary communities in the world. Marie looks for stones with a special attention for their quality, purity, shine and color (We are selecting only the highest quality of stones : AAA). The cut of the stones has been specially developed for the jewels’ elegant flow and reveals their exceptional timeless beauty.

DESIGN is the most important thing for us. All the following steps of the jewelry making are made in order to highlight the design. Innovation is the heart of MARIE MAS’ creative process. Technic is serving the daring creativity.